Well it's about time you made it... I didn't start this blog to talk to myself... If you're lucky, I'll write something remotely funny here from time to time.

Welcome to the world of Moylan

Welcome to my world. A world of sliders, road trips, tattoos and my 3 beautiful girls. My changeup has its own name, deal with it.

If you keep stopping back here from time to time, I might just decide to let you in on my world, as I hit the road with the Braves for a 5th season in the big leagues To all my friends out there, especially those of you from back home, I’d love to hear from you.

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Another ripping blog

Kris Medlen is one of the rising stars of big league baseball. But this amazing starter from the Braves is fighting his way back from Tommy John surgery right now. Let’s all support Kris on his road to recovery.

Stay up to date with his progress here.