Pink Bat Winners

Just recently I held a mini competition for someone to win my Pink Bat made especially for Mothers Day 2011.…

Pink Bat Winners

Just recently I held a mini competition for someone to win my Pink Bat made especially for Mothers Day 2011. I received hundreds of entries, with many many worthy winners.

However, I managed to settle on two. And here they are.

Our first winner is Brooke Kennedy, from Melbourne Australia. If you don’t find this inspirational, you’re not here.

Read about Brooke’s story below.

“Hey Pete,

I follow you on twitter and noticed that you were looking to give your pink bat to a worthy person. I would like to ask you to consider giving it to my little sister Brooke, out here in Australia, who suffers from a degenerative condition called Torsion Dystonia. She is a great kid and this condition never gives her a break, she never knows each day as she wakes up what it will do to her body for that day. Some day’s she will wake up and her feet are so twisted that she won’t be able to walk properly, other days it might be her hands or her back that are contorting. She spends heaps of time at the Royal Children’s Hospital as they try to help her and all through this she never ever complains. There is no cure for this disease and so her Doctors spend most of their time just trying to give her the best life that they can.

One thing though, she loves to play baseball. Brooke is the niece of Phil Dale, and since she was 8 years old she has gone out every Saturday morning to play baseball at Waverley. No matter if her condition means she can’t run that day she will be the teams designated hitter and one of the other kids will pinch run for her. She is the only kid at Waverley that is allowed to wear a uniform in her favourite colour, pink, so each Saturday she kits up with her pink baseball top, pink batting helmet, pink ice vest to keep her cool and pink Waverley baseball cap and goes out to play the game she loves.

I have attached a link to a video tribute we did for Brooke playing a couple of seasons ago. She is still playing and she still falls over and gets back up again. Brooke can’t talk but the kids in her team don’t care, they are always cheering her on and her highlight this year was to win her team’s encouragement award.

Check out her you tube video below.

Like I said she is a fantastic kid, a deserving winner and would treasure your bat.”

Our second winner is Chris Kappy, from Atlanta.

2 years ago, Chris started the Warrior Of Cancer charity, to help children suffering from cancer. Chris’s devotion and tireless work is amazing and i think we can all only aspire to be as heroic as this man is.

The below exerts are from the article written by Helena Oliviero, on ( Read article here )

This year, Kappy said his charity will cover the costs for 20 children to attend Camp Sunshine, a summer camp in Rutledge dedicated to children who have or have had cancer.

Kappy, 38, plans to eventually auction off Moylan’s bat to raise money for the cause, but he wants to hold onto the splendid splinter for a little bit.

“We want to use the bat as a rallying cause,” said Kappy who also works as an event host for music-themed cruises. He plans to share it with hospitalized children stricken with cancer. “We will use this bat to beat the hell out of cancer.”

Visit the Warrior of Cancer website here to read more about Chris’s amazing work, and to donate money.